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Find and remove AWS services

Check what AWS services you are using, and remove them.

AWS provides a bewildering array of services. As a tutorial tester and incurable experimentor, I've lost track of the AWS services I have running (and using up my free tier). Here's how to check what you have running:

  1. Log in to your console.
  2. Select Resource Groups > Tag Editor.
  3. Select your region. You can select more than one (annoyingly, they don't have a "Select all" option at present)
  4. Under Resource types, select All resource types.
  5. Select Search resources. This returns a list of all your AWS resources for the selected regions.
  6. Follow the links to each resource to delete them.


Carefully check what you're deleting. You probably don't want to delete all your identity management and security groups, for example.