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Why the short blog posts?

My blogging inspiration and purpose.

I've been writing a tech blog for years. Or rather, I've been thinking about a tech blog for years. Planning and drafting big tutorials and in-depth articles, only to be dissatisfied with the result, or never even finish them.

Then I read Lorna Jane's thousandth blog post (yes, 1000 posts). Her approach is to turn everything into a blog post. Create a handy script for a niche problem? Blog it. Figure out how to do something you need to do once a year? Blog it. Stumble across a weird bug? You guessed, blog it.

You get an active blog filled with useful (if occasionally really niche) content. Even better, your blog now doubles as your "snippets and how-tos" project. You know, the GitHub repo/website/Google folder you were always going to make that would let you save all your solutions, tips and tricks in one place. And every so often one of these short topics may be useful to someone, somewhere, who has the same very specific problem.