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Hacktoberfest 2019

A virtual hackathon for Hacktoberfest 2019.

Hacktoberfest is a month-long event in October run by Digital Ocean and DEV. It encourages people to contribute to open source projects, challenging participants to make at least four contributions over the course of the month.

This year, Lorna Jane and I will run a virtual hackathon to support participation.

When: 7th October 2019 6pm BST/CET - late.
Where: The #open-source channel in the Write the Docs Slack

What will happen?

I will be available from 6pm-10pm BST/CET, and Lorna will be around for some of the time. We're there to answer questions and support people, especially new users. If you need help with git, GitHub, your first pull request, or anything else, give us a shout.

We plan to be active for the rest of October as well, so if you can't join in on the night, don't hesitate to get in touch later.

How to take part

  1. Register for the Write the Docs Slack.
  2. Join the #open-source channel.
  3. Sign up for updates on the Hacktoberfest site (nearer the time you will be able to create an account).
  4. Sign up for a free GitHub account.
  5. Install git.
  6. If you're new to git and GitHub, read this introduction to GitHub or this 10 minute git tutorial.
  7. Find projects to work on: during Hacktoberfest, open source projects will mark issues with a "hacktoberfest" tag. This search filter lists all open issues on GitHub with the label. You can filter it further by programming language, and use the advanced search to narrow it down even more (for example, you might search for the labels "documentation" or "good first issue").