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"The CodeSee team contracted with Deborah to help do an audit and rewrite of some key documentation for our early stage developer tooling. She was incredibly knowledgeable, helping us through the process of shaping the scope of the documentation work needing to be done. She helped with some of the management of the technical processes in our documentation repo as well as handling the testing, documentation and editing of business critical products. We'll joyously work with her again if she becomes available and I strongly recommend anyone thinking of working with Deborah to do so!" - Jessica Rose, CodeSee

Gregarious Mammal

"When I worked with Deborah, I found her thorough, and focussed, often noticing details with a projects I might have missed myself. She was always patient, considered, and balanced with her opinions, and struck a good balance between getting things done, and getting things done well" - Chris Ward, Gregarious Mammal

Visit by GES

"Deborah joined our company six months ago as a Technical Writer, in a freelance capacity. After two weeks of working together we decided we want her as part of the team. She has proven to be hard working, reliable and extremely efficient.

I have never seen anyone deliver as much as she does, in a perfect manner. Everything she does, she does it very well. Our User Guide, which we built over the years as the software grew, had to be completely rewritten as a result of us changing technologies. With Deborah writing it, it saw the light of day in less than three months. Although the documentation tool we have available is not easy, she needed no training, no handholding (she actually masters a lot of platforms dedicated to documentation, design). She simply got it done. We now have an up to date, modern looking user guide, which anyone can easily navigate their way through.

Apart from her technical and writing skills, Deborah has been asked to get involved in drafting a DIY product. Although I expected Deborah to be thorough and detailed as she generally is, my expectations were exceeded. Not only did she describe the project in such a way that our management team got the full grasp of all that it entailed, but she brought to the table elements that changed our perspective over the entire project. Excellent work!

I highly recommend Deborah to anyone looking for a Technical Writer, Project or Product Coordinator. I have no doubt that anyone looking to hire Deborah will feel similarly towards her impact on the business." - Cristina Achim, Visit by GES