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The blog contains . . . everything. Quick references, miscellaneous tutorials, conference notes, and so on. It's a blog as brain with a tech focus. For many of the posts, I am the primary intended audience: the blog is there so I can quickly look up things I need. Others are more tutorial-like, or designed to answer quick questions. The writing style is generally informal, and closer to natural language than I'd use in documentation.

Decisions in a short doc

An insight into the number of decisions a tech writer makes, even in a short document.
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Become a tech writer: a quickstart guide

In the spirit of a code quickstart, this is a quick, opinionated, description of one possible tech writing learning path.
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How to avoid being doxxed: protecting your personal information online

How to protect your personal information online, and a few related internet survival tips.
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Set up minikube on Windows

In my work as n8n's tech writer, I need to maintain some Kubernetes-based deployment guides. This blog post contains the steps for setting up minikube and kubectl on Windows, running it, and testing n8n's Kuberenetes hosting configurations. This is a letter to my future self. Some steps are n8n-specific, but this can also serve as a quick guide for any Kubernetes testing.