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Setting up a new Windows PC

Some notes to my future self, for the next time I set up a new Windows PC.

To my future self

You tried the move to Linux. You liked WoW Hardcore more. And good video editing tools. Stick with Windows.

To my future self

This guide made the move to shiny-glowy laptop a lot easier (compared to the move in 2022 to old-creaky laptop). Keep updating it! And keep drinking lots of tea.

Install . . .

  • Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser
  • Windows Terminal
  • VS Code
  • Git for Windows.
  • Node.js This guide is your friend: Microsoft - Install NodeJS on Windows.
  • Python
  • WSL2
    1. Make sure Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Platform are enabled in Turn Windows Features On or Off (you may be able to disable Hyper-V again after . . . unsure . . . )
    2. In an administrator PowerShell
      wsl --install
    3. In VS Code, install the WSL extension.
    4. In a WSL terminal:
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get upgrade
      sudo apt-get install make gcc g++
    5. Install nvm and Node
  • Docker for Desktop. Requires WSL2.
  • Slack (sign in with your personal-professional Google account and you'll retrieve most of your key communities)
  • Discord
  • Signal
  • A few browsers: you want (at minimum) Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge.
  • Spotify
  • Kindle
  • Snagit (you can retrieve your license from your account on their website, but be aware you are running out of installations, so if you haven't uninstalled it from one of your old machines, you may need to re-purchase)

Set up . . .

Archive: 2022

Recently I've had the joyous experience of hastily migrating to an old and largely unused laptop after my desktop became unreliable. This is a letter to my future self, to make it smoother next time.

To my future self

You were still wrangling Node and Python, and updating this, a month and a half after you started. If you're back here in 2023 and it's as much of a pain as it was in 2022, go try Linux you daftie.

To my future self

Future self, be aware, your past self was a Windows person. If you've finally made the move to Linux (and looking at Windows 11, that could well happen), then please (a) use this document as a checklist and (b) write a Linux version.

To my future self

You think you'll change PCs in an afternoon. You won't. It's going to annoy you for weeks. Drink a lot of tea and update this article with the things past you forgot to include.