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Setting up a new Windows PC

Recently I've had the joyous experience of hastily migrating to an old and largely unused laptop after my desktop became unreliable. This is a letter to my future self, to make it smoother next time.

To my future self

You were still wrangling Node and Python, and updating this, a month and a half after you started. If you're back here in 2023 and it's as much of a pain as it was in 2022, go try Linux you daftie.

To my future self

Future self, be aware, your past self was a Windows person. If you've finally made the move to Linux (and looking at Windows 11, that could well happen), then please (a) use this document as a checklist and (b) write a Linux version.

To my future self

You think you'll change PCs in an afternoon. You won't. It's going to annoy you for weeks. Drink a lot of tea and update this article with the things past you forgot to include.

Install . . .

Set up . . .

  • SSH into your Raspberry Pi: refer to Notes on my Raspberry Pi Zero setup for more help.
  • Make sure to disable unwanted aliases: Settings > Manage app execution aliases. Make sure it is not allowed to alias Python (this tripped you up last time - Jan 2022) Also if Windows is still this daft next time round, you really need to consider Linux.