Cape Privacy

Screenshot of the Cape Privacy documentation homepage


As of 27 November 2021, the documentation repo has gone. It looks like they currently have no public docs.

Cape Privacy are a data privacy solution for data science and machine learning companies.

I worked for Cape Privacy over the summer of 2020, providing initial documentation setup, and docs content for their first two alpha releases.

Brought on less than two weeks before their first release, I worked to provide a quick but powerful docs solution. I used MkDocs with the Material theme, with some customisation for branding. Between the first and second release there was the opportunity to extend this setup, including using pydoc-markdown and Spotify's MkDocs monorepo plugin to pull autogenerated API documentation into the site.

I also sought to set the project up for success in the future. I selected a style guide (in consultation with the client), and documented the docs tooling and processes.